The Brainy Flights Story

In 2014 Brainy Flights founder Anthony Cofrancesco began diving into the world of travel hacking. In his first year of travel hacking, he was able to redeem credit card points and miles for more than $18,000 USD in free flights, hotel stays, and entertainment. Anthony continued to travel non-stop and has since visited more than 35 countries and continues to fly more than 80+ times each year. In order to better answer the travel-related questions of friends and family, Anthony launched the beta version of The Complete Guide to Travel Hacking in late 2017. After a fantastic response, the course has since been re-launched in the 2.0 version and has been expanded to Brainy Flights Pro - a subscription travel service which includes custom flight deals, step-by-step travel guides, and travel hacking support. Since the launch of Brainy Flights Pro the company expanded rapidly to provide the most comprehensive travel hacking tools in the world including ongoing research in search automation, application development, and content production.

Meet The Team

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