Visiting Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm

Visiting Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm

The First Day

Ok let's be real the first we did was eat! Our friend Nate @CreateWitNate suggested we stopped at Gravy - man was that place good! We had some fried chicken for breakfast and I can still taste it.

Next, we went to Panther Creek Falls in Southern Washington. It was not easy getting down there. We had to climb down some wet rocks that were a 90-degree angle like we were on a ladder. Though it was not very tall, going down wet rocks just sucks. Going back up was much easier but also a little more tiring. We were a little sore, but little did we know what was waiting for us.

Useful to know:

The Pacific Northwest’s weather is very unpredictable, no matter how many websites you check, the weather is going to do whatever it feels like doing. Having said that, come prepared! Extra socks, extra pants, extra SHOES! You never know if you need it.

The Adventures:

        We started out relatively early on Saturday. Our primary reason to visit was to visit the Tulip Farm, so we hit that first. The weather was not great, but it was not raining hard - we considered that a win.

       Next, Nate took us to Abiqua Falls in Oregon. To get there, you need a high clearance vehicle, unless you want to hike 5 miles down a hill - but we decided to take the Jeep instead *WinkWink*. It was another pretty hard downhill hike. Wet rocks, ropes, walking along the river, you name it. But thankfully it was not very long - and as you can see it is beautiful. Usually, you can walk to the rock closer to the front of it, and its a very famous composition, but the water levels were very high.

      By the time we finished that hike we were pretty tired, we decided to head to the coast and visit a place none of us had ever been to, God’s Thumb.  We had no idea what mess we were getting into, literally. It was so very wet, slippery, and muddy the entire up and downhill hike. Luckily I had waterproof boots. It was not as steep as the previous hike, but the mud made it so difficult to have any kind of balance. When we finally arrived, I walked up to the top so that everyone could shoot. Going up was not so bad…. But going down sucked. As you can see from the picture, it was pretty steep and you could fall from all sides. The fact that the rain kept coming in and out made things worse. As you can imagine, going down sucked!! I got as low as I could and took my time coming back. After spending so much time up there an coming down, walking on that trail ledge was easy. This spot took so much longer than we expected. By the time we were done, it was already 7 pm! We decided to call it and go eat some more! Nate took us to a chicken sandwich spot that was really good, but the best part of it was the ice cream at Salt and Straw.


Tulips from the wooden shoe tulip farm in woodburn oregon.

        The following day we started really early and hit the tulip farm at 6:15 am. Unfortunately, it was still overcast, good ol’ PNW, so we did not get any early color. But as you can imagine, Sunday morning at 6 am, the place was almost empty. We spend a good chunk of time just shooting around by ourselves. It was very muddy due to the rain, so make sure you come prepared with proper shoes. Finally, it was time to head home because we both had to be out of the house by 6:00 am the next morning. But it was great to spend these 3 days exploring in the Portland Area.

Stay tuned for the next adventure, I will be spending some days car camping on the Oregon coast.

cassi photographing the tulips at wooden shoe tulip farm

Where We Stayed:

We Stayed at The PEZ House, just north of downtown. There was plenty of parking outside and it relatively close to the freeway. The place itself was very comfortable and you can see that they take pride in keeping the place clean and comfortable. The place even had a Nintendo Wii with a ton of games, my son would have loved that part! I Could have easily spent many hours lounging in the house if the weather outside was unbearable. I would definitely go back to the PEZ house, especially because if I know that I happen to be stuck indoors, I will be comfortable and entertained. Check them out - The PEZ House.

St. Jonh’s Bridge

Panther Creek Falls

St. John’s Bridge


It costs $5 per person to get inside the tulip farm, for one entry. However, it costs $40 for a season pass. If you plan to go there more than once (and you should) you’re better off buying a pass. Another extremely useful perk about the pass is that it allows you entry one hour before sunrise. Yes, that's priceless so buy it! You’re welcome!

Tip: God’s Thumb - park here and walk up instead of parking at the beach. Take the gate to the left, not the right (right gate should be closed either way).

Voodoo Donuts - I'm sure you might have looked in this place, as you should, its part of their culture. But to avoid a long wait at the downtown spot, visit the voodoo donuts on the East side, off NE Sandy Blvd! It will save you a big wait.

How Muddy God’s Thumb was

Where To park For God’s Thumb

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