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The Complete Guide to Travel Hacking is a comprehensive 4-hour course that teaches you everything you could ever want to know about travel hacking. Unlike other websites, we don’t just focus on credit cards. No more clicking around, you’ll have access to proven strategies all in one spot.


Get answers to your travel hacking questions and receive expert advice via Brainy Flight’s three support services. In addition to a weekly live Q&A, Pro members also receive one free reward loyalty consultation and one free round-trip booking assistance every year.


Our custom deals have inspired travelers to explore the world at a fraction of the cost. Flights to Europe for about $200? Check. Flights to Asia for about $400? Check. Last minute domestic deals for as low as $14 one-way? Check. Our custom deals are tailored to your geographic preferences so that you only see the deals that are relevant to you. Join Brainy Flights Pro today for instant access to our custom deals email newsletter.

The Complete Guide To Travel Hacking

The Complete Guide to Travel Hacking consolidates everything related to travel hacking and places it in one easy-to-follow 4-hour course. Rather than clicking around online, you can dive straight into the world of travel hacking and start saving money right away. The course is broken down into two parts- Travel Toolbox which covers the basics of travel hacking and Points Pro which explains how to leverage reward loyalty and credit card programs to travel completely for free.

You Will Learn:

 Book one-way flights for as low as $14

Save 20% off the best published hotel rates

Book flights to Europe for as low as $200

Book flights to Asia for as low as $400

Gain entrance into VIP airport lounges

Make airline customer service work for you

Earn up to $400 when your flight is canceled

Avoid paying pesky airline fees

Save up to 50% on Airbnb stays

Earn valuable hotel suite upgrades

Travel for free using reward loyalty points

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Live Q&A

Pro members can join the Brainy Flights Team each week to have questions answered during a live-stream Q&A. Questions can be asked during the live event or may be submitted in advance by completing our easy form.

Round Trip Booking Assistance

Once per year, Pro members are eligible to receive one complimentary round-trip booking assistance. Our team helps users ensure they have found the best deal possible while also making helpful recommendations on activities and lodging.

Rewards Loyalty Consultation

The credit card and rewards loyalty landscape changes on a constant basis. Stay up to date and get helpful recommendations to maximize sign-up bonuses, points accumulation, and perks in an annual consultation free for Pro members.

Our Customers Say:


When I first started to plan my bucket list trip to Europe my round-trip flight was going to cost me nearly $1,400! After stumbling across The Complete Guide to Travel Hacking I started to learn that I was making a handful of really simple mistakes that were costing me hundreds in the travel booking process. Not only was I able to book my final round-trip ticket for less than $500, I spent the week in a beautiful suite in Paris after using my VIP hotel status (that I didn’t even know I had) to score an upgrade. My Brainy Flights Pro membership has more than paid for itself and I would recommend it to every serious traveler.

Miami, FL


As an entrepreneur based out of Manila, I frequently make the journey between America and Southeast Asia.  While I used to always fly the route in economy, I quickly learned that I earn airline miles by placing businesses expenses on different credit cards. After a few short months of earning, I had enough points to book an (almost) free one-way flight on Singapore Airlines Suites. Not only did I have my own bedroom on the plane I also had access to a private in-flight shower. The best part is that I paid less than $100 cash for a flight that would have cost me nearly $8,000.

Manila, PH


My favorite part of Brainy Flights Pro is having access to the custom travel deals. I’ve used deals on this site to visit Iceland, Spain, France and Belgium for next to nothing. What’s really cool though is that the Brainy Flights team doesn’t stop at showing you a deal - they’ll actually help you learn how to book the ticket. Every member gets one free round-trip booking assistance each year, which I used to make sure I had found the best deal on my most recent trip to Europe. When my itinerary was reviewed I was actually directed to another itinerary that saved me $75, while also including a stopover in Barcelona.

Toulouse, FR


I’ve heard of travel hacking in the past but I always thought it was way too complicated to get involved with. Brainy Flights takes the guesswork out of travel hacking and tells you exactly what you need to know to start saving money right away. I love the free yearly credit card loyalty consultation. My big focus is on having elite hotel status so that I can get valuable perks like free breakfast, late checkouts, and upgrades to suites. The loyalty consultation is an easy way for me to make sure I’ve got the right cards to maintain my hotel status each year. In 2017 I used the information learned in Brainy Flights Pro to book more than $1,800 in free hotel stays.

San Juan, PR



After getting my first full-time job I knew that I wanted to start learning more about credit cards and travel hacking. I started reading different articles and websites online but nothing was as concise and straightforward as The Complete Guide to Travel Hacking. Even complicated topics were easy to understand with the help of the weekly live Q&A. Since subscribing to Brainy Flights Pro I have built my credit score to a 734, earned 95,790 points (nearly $1,500 in free travel) and successfully booked flights for as cheap as $15 one-way. When my friends ask me how to travel for less I always tell them the same thing: Brainy Flights Pro.

Baltimore, MD

Michael & Brittany

My fiance and I have used Brainy Flights Pro over and over again to find amazing deals. Our favorite deal was when we were made aware of an AeroMexico mistake fare. Not only were we able to book round-trip business class tickets to Punta Cana for only $164 per person but we were able to use strategies taught in The Complete Guide to Travel Hacking to save 20% on already discounted hotel rates. My fiance and I are excited to have more than 250,000 miles as we plan our honeymoon.



Charlotte, NC

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